Many medical practitioners treat pain exclusively as a medical problem. But at Wholeview Wellness®, we think of pain as a biopsychosocial condition and we pay careful attention to the psychological and social aspects of pain in the context of the medical disorder. Psychological treatment can provide people with tools to better control their experience of pain. Our treatment also focuses on helping people learn ways to manage all aspects of self-care so that they are best able to utilize pain management techniques.
We emphasize the engagement of our patients in organizing and managing their daily routines to improve overall functioning and to reduce reliance on medications for pain.
Our individual and group therapists utilize techniques developed by Dr. Beth Darnall, a psychologist and researcher at Stanford University who has designed psychological treatments specifically for people with chronic pain. She has conducted research to prove the effectiveness of these techniques which include diaphragmatic breathing, meditation, and progressive relaxation. These and other strategies assist patients in reducing their stress levels, muscular tension and emotional distress, all with the goal of reducing pain. Our therapists assist patients in learning and practicing multiple techniques to reduce anxiety and pain throughout the day and at the end of day when falling asleep
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