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Wholeview Wellness®

In short, because we do treatment right.

Our professional staff uses proven therapeutic techniques and technology to provide care that aims to help each patient develop a meaningful life in recovery that is more compelling than a life consumed with substance use and symptoms of trauma.

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Wholeview Wellness®

Why Wholeview Wellness? In short, because we do treatment right. All of our clinicians are doctorate-level psychologists trained in providing care for substance use disorders, trauma, and the mental health issues that occur along with alcohol and drug use including depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and other psychological issues.

All of the treatments we provide have been proven to work through scientific research.

Patients and families receiving treatment for addiction and trauma need education to learn what actually works and what just sounds like it should work. There is a big difference!

We created Wholeview Wellness® to ensure that patients and their families have access to professionals who can provide information and education about available treatments, and can answer questions about which are most effective, and which will work best for them.