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Serving you safely through telehealth during the COVID-19 Crisis

Our therapists are ready to meet you from the safety and convenience of your home through telehealth sessions. We also have the ability to do in person evaluations and individual sessions for patients who are vaccinated. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

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Welcome to Wholeview Wellness®

State of the art care, delivered compassionately.

Wholeview Wellness® is an innovative outpatient addiction treatment center located in Midtown Manhattan that uses state-of-the-art, science-based techniques, technology, and highly trained clinicians to provide patients with the highest quality therapeutic experience in addiction treatment.

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what do we do?

addiction care

We provide exceptional individualized care for patients and families struggling with alcohol, pain medication, and all other substances of abuse.

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Our Promise

How are we Different

The Wholeview model differs from most outpatient alcohol and drug treatment centers in that all of the therapy in Wholeview Wellness&reg is provided by PhD level psychologists who use scientifically proven techniques and who can simultaneously treat mental health disorders. Our psychologists train and supervise the masters level clinicians in Wholeview Direct to provide access to high quality and effective treatment via telehealth for people who need to use their insurance for treatment.

In both programs, we strive to make treatment interesting, engaging, accessible, and even, dare we say… fun for the patient.

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Our Vision

Compassionate care, effectively done

Through continuous utilzation of emerging research, integration of evolving technologies, and utilization of evidence-based care, we plan to lead a revolution in addiction care with one simple goal: to help our patients create and live healthy and happy lives.

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Our Promise

Professional treatment that works.

We have a deeply held belief that people struggling with addiction deserve professional treatment that works.

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