Aftercare - Wholeview



Once in stable recovery, patients are encouraged to continue to receive support and stay connected to their therapist, to peer support and to the Wholeview Direct community. In aftercare, patients attend individual sessions once per week initially and taper to once per month while they are simultaneously working with our peer supports to build their resources and support structures outside of the program. These can be in the form of mutual support groups (e.g., SMART Recovery, Recovery Dharma/Refuge Recovery, Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous), athletic teams (e.g., running, volleyball or softball leagues), participation in hobbies (e.g., book groups, board game meetups, genealogy research groups), religious organizations or any other activities that are interesting and exciting!
Because addiction is a chronic health issue, recurrences are a part of the recovery process, and patients work with their therapists to plan for these emergencies in advance so that they are not taken by surprise if they occur. Staying in contact with the Wholeview Direct community can help patients keep minor slips from becoming full relapses.
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