Wednesdays 6:30PM-7:30PM (WW)

Identifying as a Person of Color (POC) is about more than just skin color or physical appearance. This identity is often influenced by cultural and generational history, traditions, surroundings, social circles, and experiences. POC individuals who take ownership of their identities have a diverse and rich cultural distinctiveness to be proud of and celebrated. Each person’s experience will be different with varying feelings and expressions attached to them. Each person also comes with unique challenges that most people who don’t identify as POC may never experience. With an extensive history of discrimination, ostracism, and racism, POC people can suffer from violence, trauma, and institutional oppression in everyday life. The aim of this group therapy will be to provide a safe and secure atmosphere for individuals who share similar problems or concerns, as it pertains to being POC in the United States. Feelings surrounding race relations and racial inequity, microaggressions, trauma, and ultimately what it is like being POC in America will be explored in a sensitive and safe way all in the context of recovery. Members can come together and learn from each other while also engaging in their unique process of self-exploration to find individual meaning and build their own coherent life narrative.

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