Tuesdays 10:30AM-12:00PM (WW) & Tuesdays 6:00PM-7:00PM (WD)

Whether you are ambivalent about making change, or have committed yourself to sobriety, this group will provide a fresh perspective in helping you achieve your ideal relationship with substances. Rooted in therapeutic approaches which help navigate one’s readiness to change, this group intends on ‘meeting you where you are at’. In a secure and collaborative environment, participants will have the opportunity to share openly, and will be encouraged to learn from and to support one another. Through relating with others, and engaging in self-exploration, you may begin to identify how previous patterns in your life have contributed to your present-day experience. Deepening your insights into what brought you to this very moment can empower you to break-through obstacles which may have once seemed daunting or unachievable. The rewards of doing so go far beyond changing one’s relationship with substances; this group aims to support your living an authentic, well-balanced, and meaningful life.

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