Mondays (12:30pm-2:00pm) (WW) – Currently Paused

Persist and Progress Process Group is a process group, which is flexibly structured and focuses on the thoughts and feelings you bring to session that day. Group members are encouraged to discuss topics relevant to recovery, and feedback from other members and the group leader is provided. The support and feedback of other members is the foundation of this group, providing an opportunity for you to gain wisdom and empathy from those also engaging in recovery. Within Persist and Progress, we also focus on the supportive techniques designed to promote self-esteem; build knowledge and skills; learn to better navigate anxiety and other distressing feelings; encourage self-awareness; as well as build and maintain group cohesion; and expressive techniques that are designed to explore and change repetitive relationship patterns that have a negative effect on one’s life; understand and modify coping patterns that have been counterproductive; and work on deepening one’s experience and expression of feelings. This group uses multiple tools to help you persist and progress in your journey to recovery.

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