Wednesdays 6:30pm-7:30pm (WW)

Process groups are an opportunity to reflect on patterns of relating to ourselves as well as to others. This group will focus on identifying feelings related to romantic and sexual dynamics, as substances are often used in relation to or have an impact on experiences of intimate connection. Topics that may be explored include sexual intimacy and dating while sober, sexual desires and desire discrepancies, how one gives and receives affection, and trust and sharing in new relationships. A common reason why substances are utilized in relation to romantic and sexual engagement is because both require an experience of vulnerability and exposure of oneself. By asking participants to share their feelings, thoughts, and experiences with group members honestly and openly, members will have an opportunity to experience in real time the emotions that make vulnerability with others more difficult. This group emphasizes the healing power of relationships among group members and the importance of emotional understanding and attunement. Feeling less alone and less shame will aid in members finding healthier ways to fulfill their social and emotional needs in romantic and sexual contexts.

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