Mondays 11:00am-noon (WD)

HERstory: Healing and Empowerment in Recovery

This group is a safe space for all folks who identify as women. Recovery is an opportunity to get to know yourself intimately and find the space to step into your full self. Too often, gender does not get the attention it deserves. There are unique aspects to the social and emotional experiences of womanhood that deserve consideration within the context of substance use. Research has demonstrated the efficacy of women’s-only groups within addiction treatment. Women in this group will be encouraged to explore topics such as body image, stress, relationships, trauma, aging, menstruation, child-bearing, sexuality, anger expression, motherhood, menopause, and gender norms. Through listening and sharing, you will be working on building trust, practicing healthy communication, and reducing internalized shame. Often woven throughout women’s experiences are themes of power and powerlessness, a dynamic that can be represented through the addiction process. In addition to topical discussions, you will learn skills for creating an internal sense of safety which leads to healing and empowerment. By feeling safe and trusting of yourself, you can finally embrace your HERstory!

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