Community Reinforcement Approach and Family Therapy (CRAFT) is a treatment approach designed specifically for people who are concerned about a loved one who is drinking or using drugs. Developed by Dr. Robert Meyers at the University of New Mexico, this positive treatment approach can be delivered individually or in groups and leads to reduced conflict in the family and a healthier and more sustainable life for the people who are caring for someone that is struggling with alcohol or drug use.
This approach utilizes non-confrontational behavioral principles to help the loved one become motivated to enter treatment which include finding and rewarding positive behaviors and allowing the loved one to experience the natural consequences of their use. Using these methods, families can learn to change their interactions with their loved one, which result in changes in their loved one’s behavior.
In repeated clinical studies, the CRAFT approach has been proven to be significantly more effective than both the Johnson Intervention and Al-Anon at convincing a loved one to enter treatment. CRAFT methods provide families with hopeful, positive, and effective alternatives to addressing alcohol and substance problems in their families.
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