Michael Okane - Wholeview



Dr. Michael O’Kane is a postdoctoral fellow with a combined doctorate in school and clinical psychology from Kean University in Union, NJ. His clinical training has primarily focused on the evidence-based treatment of substance use disorders and he specializes in the use of mindfulness-based therapies (e.g. ACT, DBT). His graduate training experiences include Northport VA Hospital’s long-term residential substance use treatment program and Yale University School of Medicine’s DBT services for individuals struggling with chronic emotion dysregulation, suicidality, and substance use issues. He completed his predoctoral internship at AIDS Care Group within their Center for Integrative Medicine program providing individual and group psychotherapy for patients receiving MAT for opioid use disorder and those living with HIV. Dr. O’Kane employs a highly flexible and nonjudgmental approach to the treatment of substance use difficulties and strives to meet clients wherever they are in their recovery process.
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