Aryeh Barris, Psy.D.

Aryeh “Ari” Barris


Aryeh “Ari” Barris is a psychologist specializing in treatment of substance use disorders through cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based approaches. Aryeh received his doctoral training at Long Island University-Post, and his graduate work has involved providing psychotherapeutic services in inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment settings, both locally, and in Colorado. Aryeh has cultivated a proficiency in facilitating group and individual therapy and in conducting psychological assessment batteries.

Prior to beginning at Wholeview Wellness®, Aryeh completed an addiction-focused predoctoral internship at the University of Colorado School of Medicine’s Department of Family Medicine. There, he provided therapeutic services to individuals and families who have been severely impacted by addiction. Aryeh also served in a consulting role in the hospital’s burn ICU and transplant units where he focused on the care of patients with comorbid psychiatric, substance-use, and medical conditions. His additional clinical placements have taken place at the Addiction Institute of New York at Mount Sinai West and at Nassau University Medical Center.

After completing a B.A. in Psychology from Queens College in 2013, Aryeh joined the Substance Treatment and Research Service (STARS) at Columbia University Medical Center. As a research coordinator he implemented clinical trials evaluating the efficacy of medication-assisted treatments for substance dependences. In collaboration with his mentors at STARS, Aryeh’s research endeavors include a focus on the effects of motivation on adherence to medication-assisted treatment. Aryeh continues to dedicate his clinical and research focus to providing high-quality and evidence-based addiction care.