Alan Gordon, M.D.

Alan Gordon
Alan Gordon

Medical Director

Dr. Alan Gordon specializes in general psychiatry and addiction psychiatry and has served in leadership positions throughout his career, including 22 years as chief of addiction psychiatry and Clinical Associate Professor at Butler Hospital, the affiliated teaching hospital for psychiatry and behavioral health of The Warren Albert Medical School of Brown University.

Dr. Gordon is an expert in the development of innovative detoxification protocols and has been a strong advocate for helping individuals with addiction stabilize in the least restrictive and most affordable settings. He has recognized that with motivated patients and a good support network, it is possible to achieve excellent results managing alcohol withdrawal and stabilization at home with the use of remote monitoring devices.

Dr. Gordon has published several articles in peer reviewed journals that relate to anxiety and alcoholism, medication preferences for alcohol detox, medication preferences for alcohol urges and cravings, responsible opioid prescribing for chronic pain and the use of remote clinical monitoring to treat alcohol use disorders.